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If possible I would like all N C S's to make sure that we all communicate with each other when we are  NOT  going to be able to NCS on our regular nights, by contacting someone, other than myself,  that may switch nights with you or just fill in for you.                                                                                      

I realize that none of us can be there every night that we are scheduled. We all have life outside of the Buzzards Roost Net, but it is very important for us all to be on the same page.


I hope everyone will agree to do this. I have put a list together with e-mail addresses and phone numbers for all of our NCS's but I need everyone behind me 100%, before we share this information.


Also we at the BRN are always looking for new ham's that want to get there feet wet as a Net Control Station. Please feel free to call me or talk to me about it.We need a Tuesday NCS . Position is open immediately . The pay is poor but the fun factor makes up for it :)


Thanks for your continuing support .


Dave , N8DC

B R N C   Mgr.



THIS ROTATION WILL EFFECTIVE :          August 27, 2017  


 If there is anyone in need of a phone  number to the following N C S feel free to call me first I will release it to you with there permission ONLY.                                   

Sunday           KB9NZW, Jeff       

Monday          Gene, KK4DIY

Tuesday          Mark, KC8SGO

Wednesday     Ed, KA8TDG                     

Thursday        Ted, K8SGY

Friday             Tony, KA8UGB

Saturday         Bill, N8AWG           

SUBS :  N8DC, KC8DMH W8WOJ                                                                               

Dave, N8DC     517 - 392 - 1631   Cell                                                       

 B R N   Mgr.

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