NOTE: From now on as a net control station it is your choice to have one or 2 rounds . I would like to suggest that you do let everyone know your intentions on how many rounds your going to have before or when starting the net.

This preamble is by no means cut in stone. As net control its your option to change or modify the preamble to suit your needs or tastes.


                                                                  BR NET PREAMBLE


            Good afternoon! This is ( CALLSIGN ) net control station for the ( WEEKDAY ) edition of the Michigan Buzzards Roost Net. I am looking for early check ins for the pre-net, anybody anywhere that I can hear. Call now.......


            Ah, ah, ah ?? Don?t touch that dial! Since 1937, the Michigan Buzzards Roost Net has been providing the amateur radio community with the best hour in radio! My GMT clock says it?s 2200 hours, time for me to say........

            Ladies and gentlemen, you have tuned to the Michigan Buzzards Roost Net. This net operates on or about 3930 khz Monday through Saturday and 3929 khz on Sunday and lasts until all transmissions are completed.

            Your Net Control Station this evening is ( CALLSIGN ) ( CALLSIGN PHONETICS). My name is ( NAME ) and my QTH is ( CITY, STATE ).

All operators with a General class license or higher are welcome to check in and participate, as our purpose here is to promote friendship and fellowship among all radio amateurs. Information about the Michigan Buzzards Roost Net can be found on our website at :


             Our net manager N8DC Dave is constantly updating and tweaking the website, so check back often for the most up to date info. Donations toward the annual picnic and registration of our own domain name are much appreciated. This can be done via the website and PayPal, or by snail mail to N8DC - good on QRZ.

              If you would like to become an official member, all it takes is four check ins, noting the date and call sign of the NCS. Send these and a $5 donation to the net manager N8DC Dave. You will receive a very nice numbered certificate suitable for framing.Your certificate will be in black and white unless you specify to us you would like a color certificate emailed to you for you to print out .

               I will take a standby every 15 minutes so additional stations may check in. Before I take regular check ins, I will take check ins from mobiles and short timers. So far I have ( MOBILE, SHORT TIME CHECKINS ) any other mobiles or short timers please call now......

                I will now take regular check ins. So far I have ( CHECK IN LIST SUFFIX ONLY ) Any other check ins for the net please call now ........

                Great! Got a great list going. ( At this point insert any announcements or other information )

                                                                           15 MINUTE PAUSES

                 At this time are there any additional check ins for the Michigan Buzzards Roost Net? Call now ........

                                                                      FIRST TIME CHECK INS

                  Welcome ( OPERATOR?S NAME ). Would anyone care to give a signal report and a welcome to the net .........

                                                                              END OF FIRST CUP

                    That brings me to the bottom of the list. Before I start the second cup, are there any additional check ins? Please call now .......


                     Are there any announcements or info for the net? ( PAUSE )

                     At this time I will close the net. Please check in again tomorrow. This is   (CALLSIGN) returning the frequency to normal amateur use. 73s to all.



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