"THE BEST HOUR IN RADIO"


As some of you have already heard or were present at the picnic ED WD8V has chosen to resign as our net manager . I had offered to take the position  and a vote was taken at the picnic and I am now your Net Manager . I would like to thank ED for everything he has done for the net . He has gone above and beyond to make the net fun for everyone.  I have some things in mind to make the net even better and I want to thank our NCS operators as without you we would not have a net. For now KC8DMH and I will be subbing as net controls when needed. I have a bit of work to get acclimated to the web site and the other things I need to do to run the net and get the new memberships out.   Thanks for the votes I think :) I will try to do my best to make this net even better as we go on !

Dave N8DC


If you look at the top of the page you will see a button that says more. If you hover over this button you will see the additional pages one of which is a donation page . You can PayPal me your donation for your membership and you can PayPal any additional donations you might want to make. Remember that November of next year we will have to re up the web page and looking at some stuff on Domain Names we could get the michiganbuzzardsroost.net If we get enough donations I will go ahead and get that domain name for the group.  You can also snail mail me at :

Dave Colliau

5612 Viking Dr

Jackson,MI 49201

email [email protected]

Welcome to the BRN home page. We are looking for you all to come in and sign-in and register your call to the BRN.

You say you're not a Buzzard.... well come ON and join us on or about 3930 KHz. (4:00 pm in the fall and 5:00 pm in the summer) .

 Even if you can't check-in you can listen in, but to check in you need to have a General class license or above to check-in.


Looking forward to hearing you on the air. We have a very nice certificate for joining us. All you need is 4 check-in's a month for one month, less than other nets around.


These B R N pages are still edited be me and updated with new and exciting things, so come back often to check it out. 

So, we'll see you right?

There is plenty of room on these old branches for everyone.


 Until then God Bless and 73 .


Dave, N8DC  B R N  Mgr.


                    Michigan buzzards Roost Net Picnic Location


 This year the Michigan Buzzards Roost net Picnic is on July """, 2018



Those of you that have RV's and want to get there early make your reservation early as these sites fill up fast.Bring your own food and dish to pass around. Anyone with capacity to bring a Grill, charcoal, lighter fluid (if needed).

The picnic starts around NOON on Sunday, Date to be announced. Hope to see you all there, lets try to make it the best one ever.



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